The Lawrence Arms Talk Greatest Hits

The Lawrence Arms

Brendan Kelley of The Lawrence Arms talked with Dying Scene about their recent release:

Ever the businessman, Fat Mike of course had a method to his madness. Says Kelly: “He made a good point, or at least I’m attributing this point to him. (He said) ‘the way people consume music these days is that they just go on Spotify and check something out. Wouldn’t you like to have a bunch of good songs in one place so everybody can just go there and you can make sure they’re not getting something that’s not that representative of your band? A greatest hits record is a great way to do that!”

Review: The Lawrence Arms – Metropole

The Lawrence Arms - Metropole

In a recently aired episode of the podcast I go on a (way-to-long) rant about genres and the labels we put on bands. The heart of the argument is ‘fuck labels and fuck genres’ because it’s all a mess. We waste time sitting around saying, “Is this pop-punk, or?pop-punk, or pop-punk?” The whole thing is a classification system that no one agrees on, no one abides by, and it becomes a cluster-fuck when trying to talk about bands or describe a sound to someone. In fact, sometimes I think we spend more time arguing about genres than the music itself. Some genres have turned into four-letter words and used as a means to demean and dismiss bands almost as a personal affront. I hate it and I’m unsure if there’s a bigger offender than “pop-punk.”

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Review: The Lawrence Arms – Buttsweat and Tears

The Lawrence Arms - Buttsweat and Tears

Upon first listen to the latest material from The Lawrence Arms (their first new release in almost four years), the casual fan will dismiss the perennial front-runners of the modern punk scene to be hashing out the same old formula: fast, roughneck, gritty punk rock we’ve been hearing from the Chicago threesome since 1999. However, that casual fan would be a numbskull and the failure to examine what the Lawrence Arms actually strive to do is an important aspect at determining why they continue to resonate with such a large group of punk enthusiasts. Like their peers, Rise Against and Alkaline Trio, they are growing and exploring what tools they have available to them. While the other two acts continue to flirt with the mainstream, the three Arms boys continue to do this for themselves, trying out new inspired techniques.

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