Review: Sharptooth – Transitional Forms


The sophomore album from Maryland-based hardcore rockers Sharptooth wastes little time getting down to business. Fronted by vocalist Lauren Kashan, it’s pretty cool to hear hardcore music through the lens of a woman. Transitional Forms tackles the themes of going through changes in life, and the aftermath of feeling like you’re not the one in control. Kashan mentioned this quote about the new record: “Ultimately, the record is about a paradigm shift, from hopelessness to self-compassion, and the fundamental realization that nothing in this world or in ourselves is ever black and white. It’s the story of my personal struggle with the societal, interpersonal, and internal constructs that have left me feeling small, afraid, broken, and utterly hopeless.” Their brutal approach to heavy themes is felt far and wide on this album that hits as heavy as it was intended.

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