11/6/20 (Ten Songs)

Ten songs is a weekly playlist from Jason Tate featuring songs enjoyed over the previous week. It is included in every edition of the?Liner Notes?newsletter and is free to sign up for via email.

This playlist is available on?Spotify?and?Apple Music.

Ten Songs

  1. Glaswing – When You’re Smiling My Way
  2. Ruston Kelly – Hallelujah Anyway
  3. American Fail – Zuckerburg Ex Machina
  4. Noah Gundersen – Ouroboros
  5. Girlfriends – Jessica
  6. Underoath – Breathing in a New Mentality… (Live)
  7. Record Setter – A Portrayal
  8. This Wild Life – Nothing Hurts Like Love…
  9. Noah Gundersen – Drawing Out the Line
  10. Olafur Arnalds – Loom
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