Broken Glowsticks – “Dancing On My Own” (Video Premiere)

Today we’re excited to be premiering the new video from Broken Glowsticks for their song “Dancing on My Own.” Broken Glowsticks is the new side project from AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. The song is available on all streaming platforms and up at Molly Water Music for purchase.

AJ had this to say about the new project:

This is the new track from my side project Broken Glowsticks, this will be an outlet I use quite frequently in parallel?to The Dangerous Summer in order to exercise my songwriting muscles. I spend a lot of hours working on songs that I worry may never see the light of day unless I create a new outlet for them. I want to have fun in this space; I think the second single will shock people a lot more, but this is my nice?introduction?into the world I am creating. Produced by Will Beasley, drums by Aaron Gillespie, and music video by Nick Marfing of Altamira Films. Leaving Hopeless and starting Molly Water Music really opened up my creative side, and maybe I am crazy, but I want a place for me and my friends to release whatever we feel. I think the quicker I can get my words into the listeners’ ears; we will be that much closer to something that is real.